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Meet Honey, a sassy southern biracial dance fanatic, who speaks in rhyme all the time. Honey loves to snack and enjoys southern cooking, almost as much as she enjoys the ballet. In this sweet and spicy tale, follow Honey, a six-year-old perfectionist, and her friends as they prepare for their big show.

One minute you have a curfew, and the next, you're forced to decide what you're going to do with the rest of your life. Whether you chose to go to college, the military, or pick up a trade, the choice is yours. But what would you do if you hadn't a clue? Meet Prudence Palmer, "Prue," the straight-A, outgoing introvert. Unlike her friends, Prue has decided to take the path less chosen, a gap year, figure it all out, and what better way to do it than to work at a local tea house.

Whether she's brewing up a new teacup of blends from mere thoughts that she mustered up on the walk to work or studying her next guest who walks through the tea house door, Prue is on a journey of self-discovery that will draw you in to see what lies ahead on this unfamiliar path. What are you waiting for? Brew you up a cup of your favorite blend and prepare for a teatime like no other. Grab your crew and snuggle up with this novel-tea as you plan your future or reminisce.

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